Ground Pounding

In which the gang:

  • Flees the Ecstatic Metamorphosis
  • Is given a shuttle ride to the surface of Mars by Juanita
  • Meets their firewall handler Jake Carter
  • Learns the location of Grey Xu's weapons cache
  • Travels to the weapons cache, deep in Mars' Titan Quarantine Zone
  • Narrowly avoids an encounter with a TITAN war machine still active in the TQZ
  • Arrives at the cache, an old pre-Fall geothermal station, and is shot at repeatedly by a Lars Mueller security team
  • Shoots the Lars Mueller security team repeatedly
  • Hacks the depot's transmitter to prevent a broadcast
  • Finds a hatch to an underground bunker, most likely dating back to the Fall
  • Finds an injured woman — Helena Krawczyk, a registered co-owner of the Lars Mueller joint stock collective — inside the bunker
  • Fails to prevent Helena Krawczyk from sending her transmission
  • Fails to prevent Helena Krawczyk from telling them to fuck themselves and shooting herself in the head
  • Realizes there is something very, very, very bad inside this bunker