Chemical warfare involves using the toxic properties of biological and chemical substances to kill, injure, or incapacitate an enemy. Note that an antidote can be constructed for most toxins if a sample is acquired and an appropriate Medicine or Academics Test is made. This is considered a Task Action with a timeframe of 1 hour. These toxins only affect biomorphs; synthmorphs are immune.

High BTX

BTX-squared (also called Frog Bite) is a genetically-enhanced variant of the extremely potent cardiotoxic and neurotoxic batrachotoxin. It leads to fast paralysis and cardiac arrest that usually kills the target within a few Action Turns. Affected characters suffer 2d10 + 10 damage a turn for 3 Action Turns; medichines reduce this damage by half.

Low CR Gas

This potent incapacitating agent causes eye twitching and temporary blindness, severe coughing and breathing difficulty, skin irritation, and panic. Affected characters suffer 1d10 / 2 damage, a -30 modifier to sight-based Perception Tests, and a -20 modifier to all other actions for 20 minutes (5 minutes if the character has medichines).

Low Flight

This drug is derived from human pheromones released due to fear, and is intended to instill alarm or even terror in the character. Affected characters must make a WIL x 3 Test (+30 with medichines) or suffer a panic attack, inflicting 1d10 stress. Dosed characters also suffer a -30 modifier for resisting intimidation or fear-based emotional manipulations.

High Nervex

Derived from deadly nerve agents like cyclosarin, VX, and novichok, this genetically-modified toxin is deployed as a colorless, odorless gas that turns safely inert 10 minutes after deployment. It causes involuntary contraction of the muscles, seizures, and death by respiratory failure.

Low Oxytocin-A

A genetically-improved variant of oxytocin, this drug induces trust in the recipient. Drugged characters suffer a -30 modifier on all WIL and Kinesics Tests where trust is a factor. Medichines provide immunity.

Low Twitch

Twitch is a convulsive agent, a nonlethal nerve gas. Affected characters must succeed in a SOM Test (+30 with medichines) or become incapacitated with severe muscle tremors. Unaffected characters still suffer a -20 on all actions. The effects of Twitch last for 10 minutes, 5 if the character has medichines.