Neural Verifier

This handheld device was designed by the argonauts to test subjects for exsurgent infection. It either is plugged into the access jacks of a pod or synthmorph or establishes a wireless connection with the target morph's basic mesh inserts. Sensory input is fed to the subject while their brain patterns are analyzed and compared to a database of known exsurgent infection tells.

The verifier can be used to run quick or thorough tests. Quick scans take only 30 seconds, but are less accurate (50% detection rate). Thorough scans take 1 hour, but have a higher detection rate (80%). See Exsurgent Virus Detection (below), for details on handling scans.

If the verifier detects an exsurgent infection, it immediately disables its wireless capability, flashes a visible physical (not AR) warning (the entire device flashes a bright neon red color three times), and self- destructs so as to prevent it from being infected and used as an infection vector.