Physical Augmentations

These implants enhance the morph’s physical body. Most physical bioware augmentations are derived from the capabilities of animals.

High Adrenal Boost

This adrenal gland enhancement supercharges the character's adrenal response to situations that invoke stress, pain, or strong emotions (fear, anger, lust, hate). When activated, the concentrated burst of norepinephrine accelerates heart rate and blood flow and burns carbohydrates.

Low Articulated Gear Mount

Similar to an articulated weapon mount, this mount allows a piece of modularized gear to be manipulated independent of the flexbot's limbs.

Moderate Articulated Weapon Mount

The Morph carries a built-on weapon. It has an wide field of fire from its articulated mount.

Low Bioware Claws

The morph has retractable claws like those of a cat. These claws do not interfere with the character's manual dexterity and are razor sharp. However, they are relatively small and only do 1d10 + 1 + (SOM / 10) damage, with an AP of -1. As a result, they are legal in almost all habitats and are considered tools as much as weapons.

Moderate Bioweave Armor (Heavy)

Heavy bioweave armor involves lacing the morph's skin with a denser and thicker network of the same fibers. The morph's skin becomes thicker and somewhat less flexible except at the joints. The morph's skin also has an unusually smooth look, and a distinctively smooth and tough-feeling texture. This provides an Armor rating of 3/4 without decreasing the morph's mobility.

Low Bioweave Armor (Light)

Bioweave armor involves lacing the morph's skin with artificial spider silk biological fibers. This provides an Armor rating of 2/3 without changing the appearance, texture, or sensitivity of the morph's skin. This armor is cumulative with worn armor.

Moderate Carapace Armor

Carapace armor combines bioweave armor with hard but flexible plates of a chitin-ceramic hybrid material modeled on the microscopic structure and texture of arthropod exoskeletons. This armor is obvious and has a somewhat crocodilian or insectoid appearance (character's choice). The morph is completely hairless as well. This provides an Armor rating of 11/11.

Low Chameleon Skin

The morph's skin is augmented with complex chromatophores so that it changes color like the skin of a chameleon or an octopus. The morph can match the appearance of almost any color and most patterns. This provides a +20 modifier to Infiltration Tests to avoid being seen or noticed, as long as the character is stationary or not moving faster than a slow walk.

Moderate Circadian Regulation

The morph only requires 2 hours of sleep to maintain health and function at peak mental capacity. The character dreams constantly while asleep and can both fall asleep and wake up almost instantly. In addition, the character can easily and with no ill-effects shift to a 2-day cycle, where they are awake for 44 hours and sleep for 4.

Moderate Clean Metabolism

The morph's symbiotic bacteria, gut flora, and glands have been genetically engineered to keep the morph "clean." The morph also produces smart antibiotics that prevent the growth of any bacteria or yeasts in it or on its skin.

Moderate Concealed Weapon Mount

The Morph carries a built-in weapon. It has a fixed field of fire because of its concealed mount. It receives a -30 to Perception Tests to detect.

Low Cyberclaws

The bones on the back of the morph's hand are bonded to smart material claws. These claws can extend through concealed ports in the morph's skin and extend 6 inches past the morph's knuckles. If combined with eelware, they can also inflict electric shocks. Likewise, cyberclaws can also deliver poison or nanotoxins secreted from a poison gland or implanted nanotoxins.

Moderate Cyberlimb

In an age when arms and legs can easily be regrown, many people consider cybernetic prostheses to be vulgar and distasteful. The Scum and others, however, treat them as iconic symbols of self-expression.

High Cyberlimb Plus

More extravagant cyberlimb models are also available, though they require more severe body alteration to accommodate. These limbs apply a +5 SOM bonus per limb (maximum +10). They may be replacement limbs or "extra" limbs anchored in the body's skeletal frame. These cyberlimbs may not be masked.

Low Digestive Symbiotes

The morph can survive on virtually any organic matter, be it grass, sawdust, or the sludge from a habitat's recycling system. Digestive symbiotes also allow the consumption of rotten or spoiled food; in combination with basic biomods, they prevent normal foodborn illnesses. The symbiotes don't eliminate toxins, however, nor do they make the stuff taste any better.

Variable Drug Gland

The morph has specially-tailored glands designed to produce specific hormones or chemicals and release them in the body. The character has control over these glands and can release the chemicals at will. Each type of drug gland is considered a separate enhancement. [One Category Higher Than Drug]

Low Eelware

Derived from electric eel genetics, a character can have eelware implanted so that it connects to a network of bioconductors in the hands and feet (or other limbs), allowing the character to generate stunning shocks with a touch. Eelware inflicts shock damage (p. 204, EP) exactly like a pair of shock gloves.

High Efficient Digestion

The character uses food and water more efficiently, to approximately 20% of normal caloric expenditure. The character functions normally by eating and drinking only once every five days. They can survive forty days without food and twenty-five days without water, though the effects of starvation become noticeable after ten days without food or water.

Low Emotional Dampers

This low-cost alternative to endocrine control allows the user to voluntarily damp their morph's emotional responses and various non-verbal cues like pupil dilation, eye movement, or vocal tone. Using this augmentation allows the user to lie and conceal their emotions in such as way as to fool the keenest observer; apply a +30 modifier to Deception and Impersonation Tests.

High Endocrine Control

This augmentation modifies the morph's endocrine system, giving the character fine control over their hormone output. This allows the character to completely control their appetite and emotions and to regulate pain. They receive a +30 modifier against the effects of hunger, fear, and any forms of emotional manipulation, such as the Drive Emotion sleight.