Whiskey on the Rocks

Far beyond the reach of inner-system authorities, the Kuiper Belt a great place to hide — or start a new life. There, Whiskey Station is civilization’s last stop before the darkness of the Oort cloud, home to thousands of fortune-hunters, thrill-seekers, and ne’er do wells. Rumors are circulating about a new source for exotic relics from Earth, and a handful of Firewall operatives are on the scene…

Don't Play With Your Food Saturday 4/1

After knocking out the crew of the El Dorado, the Whiskey gang has a choice on its hands: what to do with the ship, and what they've learned? With only 12 hours to go before their Habitat On The Rock fly-by window, time is ticking away…

Candygram Saturday 3/18

In a short 8 hours, the Whiskey Crew pulled off a two-for-one: tracking down the likely source of Season of The Goat's improbable talking food epidemic, and getting close enough to the Cartel-chartered El Dorado hauler to discover its cargo. In addition to rare isotopes and fabrication stocks, the otherwise innocuous freighter packed two piracy-ready boarding pods, cleverly disguised as shipping containers. Even more disturbing? A shielded container with a neutrino farcaster, four healing pods, and the bodies of Anthony Gillotti and Tess Wiley on ice. 

Welcome to the Goat Friday 3/3

Sleeved freshly farcasted and just a few days from their destination, the gang arrives on the Season of The Goat scum swarm to an unpleasant surprise: their benefactor's funds have left them with an odd assortment of sub-optimal morphs. Shakti and Höhle are squeezed into a pair of Neotenics, Zhang and Jane are in run of the mill Specialist Pods, and Kara and Cathulu are making do with borrowed Steel and Dragonfly morphs that force them out of their comfort zones. With some time to kill, they split up and start hunting for better options.