French Cheese in Space (Oneshot)

    The black reaches of Kuiper Belt are home to many people seeking ultimate privacy. One of them is dr Diana Gillian. Appeared from somewhere in the inner system like scores of brinkers before her. Apparently with no past and little future beyond calm existence in one of the brinker communes. She settled on habitat of Adelayde, where for a few months she worked up her rep to purchase a slew of mining drones, rocket sleds and some time on Adelayde's cornucopia machines. Then she disappeared into the void.
   10 months later Adelayde's mining crews stopped encountering the meteoroids they were hunting for. They were simply not there. Cornucopias were relegated, new sensors were constructed. Distributed array telescopes started sifitng the space to find an answer to this phenomenon. The answer was strange and usettling. In ten months dr Gillian's fleet of drones grew several times. And they were apparently mining any resources reachable by Adelayde's miners. refining them and sending them on erratic orbits. Some into the Solar system, some into the interstellar void. Soon it was unprofitable for Adelayde to send out miners.
    Details of the deal between elders of Adelayde and dr Gillian are unknown, but she soon monopolised mining in 1/8 of Kuiper's Belt curcumference.
    2 weeks ago she went silent. The observed mining drones went haywire. You are to infiltrate the Garden, dr Gilliam's private habitat and investigate. 

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