Planning for the mothballs! Posted Fri, 10/02/2020 - 09:28

After quite a bit of planning, Eldrich Host 2.0 — a complete rewrite using the EP2 rules and books — is underway! No ETA at present, but there will be a time in the coming 6-8 months when the EP1 version of this site will be archived and no longer usable. If you currently have character sheets, homebrew materials, or campaign documentation that's hosted here, we'll keep static versions of the content online for quite some time to ensure no one loses anything.

Further updates as events warrant!

Name Category
Ablative Patches Armor Mods
Accushot Ammo Ammunition
Acoustic Spotter Espionage
Active Hyperspectral Imager Sensors
Active ID Protection Services
Adaptive Interface Xenoarcheology Gear
Alpha Drugs
Analog Sensors/Tools Sensors
Animal Keeper AI AIs
Animal Training Services
Name Category
Anarchist Techie NPC
Brinker Genehacker NPC
Ego Killer NPC
Firewall Vector NPC
Immortal Oligarch NPC
Lunar Ego Hunter NPC
Olympian Attackers NPC
Security Jammer NPC
Titanian Science Police Inspector NPC
Argonaut Psychosurgeon NPC
Faction Type

The Sun Yee On once ranked second among Earth’s biggest triads, with over 25,000 suspected members. They profit primarily by selling cheap copies of nanofab blueprints and rigged makers and fabbers. Legal products are distributed through their Wushuang Corporation, while illegal goods are patched together by enslaved infomorphs in virtual sweatshops in remote corners of the mesh. The Sun Yee On’s second main pro t source are fake Earth nostalgia items, such as jewelry, documents, coins, and other collector’s items.

Location Type

Volkov, a Slavic energy cartel, controls this tiny moon. Volkograad is a beehive habitat with about 50,000 residents. Much of the moon is given over to skim- ming, refining, and shipping infrastructure. A cloud of wreckage trailing the moonlet by about 100,000 kilometers serves as a reminder of the Atlas Incident, a brief but massively destructive battle that erupted when Fa Jing attempted a buyout of the moon. Tinkers from Phelan’s Recourse still salvage the oating derelicts regularly.

The vittrad strain functions like the haunting virus (p. 366, EP), except that the altered perception of the victim acutely emphasizes weaknesses, exploitable aws, cracks, damaged areas, poor craftsmanship, and similar imperfections in both biological and nonliving things. Upon reaching stage 2 of infection, the infected character acquires the Spot Flaw sleight (p. 180, XR). Additionally, the victim will nd themself compelled to use these aws to damage and destroy— particularly when it comes to other life forms. They acquire the Modified Behavior (Compelled: Kill/ Destroy) trait.

X-Risks, p. 48